Thando Funeral Services is seeking input from the public, stake holders, groups and individuals through this public consultation on its:

•Proposed cemeteries by –law for Thando Memorial Garden within Namahadi Traditional council district.

•Thando Memorial cemeteries hand book.

•A strategic cemeteries Master Plan.

The purpose of the proposed by-law is to allow Thando Memorial Gardens ‘Management to set rules for the operation and management of the cemeteries it owns or acquires or administers. These rules will be laid out in the cemeteries hand book. The by-law will not apply to any other cemeteries, crematorium burial grounds that are under the control of another organization. 

The draft master plan provides a vision that sets the direction for the development and management of this cemetery for the next 10-20 years.

 We would like to receive comments on any aspect of the above documents and the cemetery provision in the village.

The following summary document explains the intent of the consultation, as well as providing information on;

•Where to obtain the full documents associated with these consultations

•Where and when the public information drop-in sessions will be held and 

•How you can make submissions 

We look forward to receiving your feedback on these documents. 

Yours Sincerely


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